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Learn how to tackle media interviews from leading Global Journalists 

  • TV, Radio, print, and interview scenarios

  • Build your message and story

  • Learn techniques to control your interview

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Our Clients

We've coached hundreds of beginners and experts for global media interviews and specialist press deep dives. Our roster of professional journalists can work with you to develop a clear and compelling press strategy, ensuring your story is captured the way you want. Whether you're a seasoned CEO in a crisis or an actor facing new attention, we have the experience and the resources to ensure your next press interview is a tremendous success for you and your organization. 

Erbut Media Training helps people in business, politics and entertainment to tell their stories.

They also have deep industry knowledge in trades and industries that include:

Our trainers work globally, ensuring our clients are armed with the techniques to deliver their story. They have all worked in global media companies that include:

Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, The New York Times, CNBC, Sky News, BBC, The Sun, The Mirror, The New Statesman

Our Trainers

Financial services, Technology, Politics, Entertainment, Motor, Property

Richard George 

CEO, Utilyx

"The results are already apparent in our team's skills and their new enthusiasm."

What Our Clients Say

Tracey Rawling Church

Chris Bowden

"It's essential for training to be as close to reality as possible. The Erbut guys do their homework. Great stuff." 

Head of Brand, Kyocera

"Erbut helped us to win one of our most important customers. I can't thank them enough." 

Corp Comms, LinkedIn

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